Use the FIFA 18 hack instead of trading

Are you look for the best tricks and tipps on how to trade player on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team? Forget about it! Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use trading strategies to earn FUT coins:

  • Finding cheap player takes a long time and is extremely competitive
  • People are using “Autobuyer” to get all the cheap player within seconds
  • You have to spend many hours in front of your PC or console
  • You need a huge amount of coins right from the beginning to trade successfully
  • As higher your amount of coins is as higher are the coins you can get
  • It is hard to earn lots of coins without owning lots of coins

As you can see it is very time consuming and to become a successful FUT 18 trader you need to have a decent amount of items already. This makes it especially hard for beginner. The FUT price range is another aspect, which makes it hard for gamer to earn lots of coins on the transfer market.

fifa 18 hack

There are easier ways to get free FIFA 18 coins

Not only coins, but also free FIFA 18 points. Of course coins are much more important than points, because you can use them on the transfer market, to buy any kind of packs and also on FUT Draft if you want, but points can only be used for FUT Draft or packs. You don’t really have any power over the points, because you never know what you will get. Mostly you will get useless player or items like contracts, kits and other useless stuff. You shouldn’t bother about the points, your main target should be to have a very high amount of free FIFA 18 coins. That is where the FIFA 18 hack and cheats are becoming important. Over the last few years a group of hacker and developer were sitting together to program a full working FIFA 18 coin generator. This online generator, which doesn’t require any download and no survey is working on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, smartphones like iPhone and Samsung, tablets and also for the new Nintendo Switch. There is literally no easier way these days for gamer to hack FUT 18 without spending any money.

FUT 18 Autobuyer are not worth it – use the FIFA 18 coins hack instead

People always send us messages on how to setup, develop or use a autobuyer for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. My honest advice is: Don’t use any autobuyer at all. It can be so much more easier by using a decent FIFA 18 coins hack like we are providing it. There is no survey necessary. No download necessary. You are literally coming here on and use the FIFA 18 coins generator and you are even free to choose the language you want to use it on. This is what makes it so perfect. Everyone all over the world is able to use FIFA 18 cheats and hacks. Whether you are speaking French, Dutch, German or any other language. You never have to spend a single dollar again for getting free items on this game. It is so easy to build a great team just by using the FUT 18 free coins and points we were providing for you.


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